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Hoy Sevilla
The best of Sevilla at your fingertips! Discover, save and share events in Sevilla. Free and without registration.

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With Hoy Sevilla you can see at a glance hundreds of daily activities throughout the province of Sevilla (most of them free), prioritizing those that are celebrated closer to you. With hundreds of proposals for each day on a monthly agenda, you have no excuse to stay at home!

Knowing what is happening and what leisure and culture proposals are a few meters away from you can be complicated in a province with as much activity as Sevilla. There is so much diversified information in so many different sites that in the end everything becomes noise and it is difficult to find proposals that may interest you.

Fortunately, you can now install Hoy Sevilla for free. Get direct access to hundreds of daily events. Many of them are free activities and the rest we present you with a significant discount (up to 70%) on the box office price.

This application collects and organizes information from different sources on your mobile and presents it to you on a single screen organized by days on a monthly agenda, prioritizing the events that are closer to you. You will be surprised to discover the amount of things that may be happening just a few meters from your house!

Hoy Sevilla fully respects your privacy. Although we require you to activate your location to be able to show you the events you have nearby, it is safe because it is never sent anywhere. It will be your own mobile that calculates the distance to each event: by performing the calculations on your own mobile, your location is not shared with anyone, not even us. In addition, the application will never ask you for any personal data of any kind. Simple and straightforward: you open the application and have all the information in your hand, without registrations or tracking.

DISCLAIMER: Hoy Sevilla collects, complements, organizes and presents event information obtained from various trusted sources, performing several updates each day. The purpose of this application is just this: to facilitate in good faith access to the largest possible amount of quality event information available online. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, Hoy Sevilla does not organize, endorse or participate in any way in the events accessible through the application, being unable to offer any guarantee in this regard. This includes the events that could be recommended through the application or its social networks, these corresponding to a manual selection by the editors made in good faith based on the information provided by the event organizers themselves. Therefore, the user understands and accepts that the responsibility for what happens during the celebration of the events, including possible cancellations, falsehoods or inaccuracies in the information provided and any other type of incident, falls solely and exclusively on each organizer or, in any case and if applicable, the platform through which the user had finally formalized the reservation regardless of how he/she accessed it.


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