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QR Boost
Generate your QR codes, fast and free.

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QR Boost is a free online tool to generate your QR codes. Use it whenever you want to create QR codes to provide quick and easy access to any internet address such as your blog, online store, page where to buy your album, book... You can use them on your business card, promotional posters, events...

Almost everyone knows what QR codes are and how to use them, especially since a few years ago almost all mobile phones already incorporate the recognition of these codes in the camera itself. You just have to point at the QR code with your camera and it recognizes it and offers you the option to go to that web address.

The QR codes generated by QR Boost are free and never expire: they can be used unlimitedly, without depending on any other tool or external service. The QR code contains the encoded web address to which it has to take you directly, without intermediaries.

QR Boost does not store any information about the URL you enter to generate the QR code. It is simply used dynamically to show you the code and let you download it. There is no record in any database (in fact, there is no database).


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